Lash Extensions

Classic Lash extentions
Classic Lash Extentions

Classic eyelash extensions is a technique of applying individual eyelash extensions by attaching one individual extension to one natural lash. This technique is known as the lash by lash technique. the lashes used can be synthetic lashes in either faux mink or silk lashes. We at Matsuge use Faux mink lashes .

Classic lashes is LKR 7,000

Hybrid Lash Extensions
Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid eyelash extensions (hybrid lashes) are the half way step between a classic set of eyelash extensions and a volume set. … They are great for anyone with naturally fine or slightly gappy lashes, whereby volume fans can be placed in sparser areas to make the lash line look fuller.

Hybrid lash extensions – price LKR 8,500

Volume lash extensions
Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lashes are a newer and more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture. They provide a fuller look and require more skill and our technicians and trained and certified to offer this service.

Volume lash extensions- price 10,000

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume lash extensions (also known as 3D – 6D lashes) are three to six ultra fine extensions applied onto one natural lash.

Typically, at Matsuge Russian Volume lash extensions are created by hand at the time of application. It’s a highly advanced technique that takes a long time to refine and perfect and could be offered only by professionals.

Price- LKR 12,000