Classic/ Hybrid/ Volume Lash Extension

This course includes the following,

  • 2 weeks of theory & practise on mannequin
  • 2 weeks of hands on training (students needs to bring their own models)
  • 2 – models for Classic Lashes
  • 2 – models for Hybrid Lashes
  • 2 – models for Volume Lashes
  • Starter lash kit to practise and work on approximately 20 clients once training is complete. The products we use are high quality products from Canada. Lashes are faux mink as we are against animal cruelty.

This course lncludes a starter kit and lessons on three different styles and one month of additional follow-up if needed.

At Matsuge Academy by Rhonda De Silva we understand how important it is to fully comprehend all types of lash styles for your own success. Therefore we support a very comprehensive one-month training with plenty of hands on experience while learning 3 styles/ the difference between different curls and lash designs to complement the facial features.

Course Syllabus

  • Theory
  • Q &A
  • Hands on – Under Eye pad placement, Lash growth cycles, immobilizing the eye
  • Proper glue control and proper pickup technique
  • Fan building for volume and Hybrid
  • Practising on mannequins
  • Working on models, 2 each for every set
  • Learning Lash removal
  • Proper documentation in the form of consent forms/ after care cards
  • Client consultation

Starter Kit Contents that is included in the training

  • 5x Classic Lash Trays
  • 5x Volume Trays
  • 1x Straight tweezers
  • 1x Curved tweezers
  • 1x Russian Volume tweezers
  • 1x Fan
  • Practise Lash strips
  • 1x Glue tray
  • 1x Tape
  • 25 x Under Eye pads
  • 1x Ultra Hold glue
  • 20x Micro swabs
  • 1x Gel Remover
  • 25x Mascara wands
  • Lash Bag

Expert Kit ( Price LKR 24,500/ Optional purchase )

  • 10x Classic Lash trays
  • 10x Russian Volume trays
  • 1x Straight tweezers
  • 1x Curved tweezers
  • 1x Russian tweezers
  • 1x Ultra hold glue
  • 1x Primer
  • 1x Remover
  • 50x Under Eye pads
  • 50x Mascara wands
  • 50x Micro swabs
  • 1x Tape
  • 1x Fan
  • 1x Glue tray

Potential Income Grid for Lash Extensions

As a novice charge on average of LKR 8,000 per client

Number of clients per week Average weekly income Average monthly income Average Annual income
5 LKR 40,000 LKR 160,000 LKR 1,920,000
10 LKR 80,000 LKR 320,000 LKR 3,840,000
15 LKR 120,000 LKR 480,000 LKR 5,760,000
Price – LKR 229,000
Duration – 1 month ( 3 days per week )