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by Rhonda De Silva
‘ I measure my success by the success of my students ’

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Rhonda De Silva


by Rhonda De Silva

When searching for the right academy or mentorship programme to invest in, it is crucial to do your homework. The theory and science component of training can be taught by anyone; the art however cannot.

Matsuge Academy by Rhonda De Silva  was born to ensure that Women feel as equally empowered as men in Sri Lanka and around the World. Having been born in Sri Lanka and moving to Canada more than two decades ago helped me understand my true potential and now it is my turn to empower women all over the world to be independent doing what they love and to make the income they need to live a comfortable life. You will feel empowered while building the confidence in others and making them feel beautiful.

Matsuge Academy by Rhonda De Silva  will give you the most comprehensive and well-rounded knowledge in Cosmetic enhancement. Matsuge’s programme will teach you the skills and techniques you need to produce the most natural looking results.

You will learn the complete process of this incredible form of Art, from which needles /blades are suitable for each method, all the way through to colour customization and the selection of pigments that are best suited towards the treatment area that will produce the most sought after results.